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China’s largest SUV manufacturer Great Wall Motor has achieved 10th position in Fortune’s list of China’s Most Admired Companies 2017. Great Wall joins the Top 10 out of a total of 50 companies making the list, alongside some of the world’s largest businesses including B2B sales portal Alibaba (1st), Baidu – China’s version of Google … continued

Despite recent figures suggesting new registrations of diesel cars last month have fallen by a third compared to October 2016, motorists are being advised to stick with their diesel cars to save money. Experts suggest car owners could be £380 a year better off driving a diesel car rather than a petrol one. Vehicle data specialists, cap … continued

From today, an additional charge of £10 will be payable for vehicles entering the London congestion charge zone, as part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan to tackle toxic air pollution in the capital. The new £10 surcharge, payable on top of London’s £11.50 congestion charge from 23rd October 2017, applies to the most polluting … continued

Chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver and Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations have adapted the British car brand’s latest Land Rover Discovery model with dozens of kitchen gadgets to create the ultimate kitchen on wheels. Designed to demonstrate the Discovery’s versatility, the bespoke built Land Rover will feature in a three-part series with life-long … continued

Tesla, a company previously best known for its battery powered supercars and other luxury vehicles, is planning a move into the truck industry. Company founder Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the new truck, to be known as the Tesla Semi, would be unveiled to the world on 26 October. Musk has long argued that … continued

In the UK, currently, only 5 percent of drivers use telematics insurance policies in their cars. These drivers save up to £145 per year, and while the remaining 95 percent might also be careful drivers, they simply don’t have a black box fixed in their cars.   Discounts For The Best Drivers Black boxes track … continued

It is surprising to many motorists that the first law, regarding mobile phones and driving, came into force in December 2003. The penalty, at the time, was a £30 fine. With the increasing popularity of the mobile phone the law soon required updating, and in 2007 the fine was increased to £100 and three penalty … continued

Over a million motorists could be at risk of getting a hefty £1,000 fine for simple things such as having an out-of-date address listed on their driver’s license. Small errors, like not informing the DVLA of a marriage or forgetting to update your address could result in drivers unknowingly breaking the law. These simple mistakes … continued

With advances in electric technology, adverse media coverage in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal and announcements from cities about extra emissions regulations and parking surcharges, it is fair to say that diesel has been having a rocky time of it over the past few months. However, anyone who thinks that means its days are … continued

If you drive your diesel car into Westminster later this year, be prepared to face yet another London surcharge if your vehicle is three years old or more. The so called “D-Charge” is a £2.45 per hour premium that will be added to parking fees, pushing the rate up from £4.90 to £7.35. This surcharge … continued