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ETA racing: The UK vs Germany

A few months ago, ETA racing made the headlines in the UK. A few crashes have happened solely to beat the sat nav’s Estimated Time of arrival.

In Germany, it is flexible, certain Autobahns have no speed restriction and you can even be fined for driving too slow.

So if you see this road sign feel free to accelerate, you may be able to reach the objective but do it only where it is allowed


Please note this sign on German Autobahns removes every limitation, including speed. Note that not all autobahns have this sign (less than 50%). If they don’t, 130kph (81mph) is the speed limit!

It is fairly common to see a car or a motorcycle driving at more than 200kph on these. We would like to relay an article that will give you an insider’s perspective, click the link if you want to read it.