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New Audi A8 appears in Spiderman.

Due to be released on the11th of July, the new Audi A8 has car enthusiast’s eager to see and test the new release, especially after their appetites were whetted with the appearance of the new car in a snippet from the video of the new film Spiderman: Homecoming Video. The sleek sedan, the new Audi A8 L, features in the film as the vehicle that the lead actor, Tom Holland, who plays the bumbling Peter Parker, is chauffeured about in. The movie will show the hybrid automobile in action before its official release at the Audi summit in Barcelona, Spain on the 11th of July.

Just one of the many impressive features of the new Audi A8 is the traffic jam pilot, this AI feature is demonstrated in a scene where Parker is stuck in a traffic jam. The AI self-parking feature is also an appealing addition to the car; the remote parking pilot is shown at the beginning of the world premiere advertisement of the car, an advertisement that also advertises the upcoming Spiderman film. Peter Parker is also seen driving an Audi R8 V10 Spyder that is lent to him by his friend Tony Stark, Iron Man himself, in the movie.

Audi enthusiasts will be shaking in their boots and bonnets as the A8 engines will feature 6-, 8-, and 12-cylinder engines, and it has been suggested that the sleek new hybrid sedan will save up to 0.7 litres of fuel per 100km, when utilised with a V6 petrol engine, allowing coasting for up to 40 seconds at an impressive speed of up to 99mph. The car’s metal construction is 50 kg heavier than previous models of the A8, the requirement of a full panoramic sunroof among other features has prompted this slight increase in kerb weight.