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In the UK right now, drivers are paying more on their cars than it costs to provide the average household with gas, electric, broadband, and phone bills combined. The estimated overall cost on average for running a car is £203 per month, whereas the estimated cost for the running of household utilities is £194 per … continued

Due to be released on the11th of July, the new Audi A8 has car enthusiast’s eager to see and test the new release, especially after their appetites were whetted with the appearance of the new car in a snippet from the video of the new film Spiderman: Homecoming Video. The sleek sedan, the new Audi A8 … continued

If you are a parent you probably noticed that a ride on the car can help a baby fall asleep. How many nights did you spend driving around in the hope that your baby would fall asleep and when arriving home, baby wakes up! Despite it may be a good idea, the lack of sleep … continued

A consortium of British companies unveiled a plan to test driverless cars on UK road two years from now.   The cars will be linked by a network allowing them to be informed in real time of hazards and should operate in almost full autonomy, yet they will also have a human on board. The … continued

A few months ago, ETA racing made the headlines in the UK. A few crashes have happened solely to beat the sat nav’s Estimated Time of arrival. In Germany, it is flexible, certain Autobahns have no speed restriction and you can even be fined for driving too slow. So if you see this road sign … continued

Know for its multiple aspects, the Shanghai Motor Show can be disoriented but with over 1Bn potential customers it can only be so… Among a plethora of new vehicles you can find both Chinese and international brands. While in the past Chinese manufacturers were well below Western standards both in terms of design and quality. … continued

Tech giants team up with car makers to develop technologies issued from the Internet of Things and adapt them to the car industry. Microsoft and Nissan, Amazon and Volkswagen, numerous are the internet companies involved in the development of cross-industry technologies. Alexa, Amazon’s own personal technology is currently being associated with Volkswagen through the Amazon Echo. This … continued

Imagine one day seeing your car refuse to start because you’re not fit enough. That is what may happen in the future! Car: “You should walk to improve your health” Me: “Is this car telling me: move your a**, fatty!” Toyota has patented a very similar system allowing your car to give you health suggestions. This system … continued

Finding a parking space is a nightmare particularly for those who live and work in big cities. Multi-storey car parks are usually crowded with just a handful of spaces and generally overpriced. On-street parking, on the contrary, is a gamble. TomTom has created a new On-street parking service using data feeds from 25 cities around … continued

Year-on-year average LCV values have grown of average by 10% (roughly £586). BCA’s LCV Operations Director said to CommercialFleet.org: “December is a short trading month and many corporate vendors hold vehicles back for the New Year, making stock scarce and focusing buyer demand.  There was plenty of interest for any vehicles with a retail type specification, … continued