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10 DIY Tips to make your car last

Everybody wants their car to keep running forever, however, in reality, you are going to have to replace it eventually but there are plenty of ways to extend its life on the road.
Let’s go through 10 of the best tips to make sure your car continues as long as possible.

1. Quick Checks

In just a few minutes you can check the basic health of your car and it won’t cost a penny. When the engine is cold, use the dipstick to measure the oil level. When you’ve done this check the coolant level. If they are low then top them up. Two really simple things that can stop any problems before they start.


2.Know what’s what

Take a bit of time to go through your owners manual to find out what dashboard warning lights and alerts mean and what action to take when you see them. This can easily stop a small issue becoming fatal to your car.


Take a bit of time each journey to listen to your car without the radio on. Listen for any rattles, knocks or squeaks that may be letting you know something is wrong.

4.Take it easy

The way you drive can massively impact on the lifespan of your car. Avoiding full-throttle acceleration or heavy braking will keep engine wear to a minimum.


5. Keep it clean

Even a small amount of dirt and grime can give corrosion a foothold on your car. Giving it a wash and clean will help stop the dreaded rust and it’s also a great way to keep the kids busy at the weekend.

6. Servicing

Keep an eye on how may miles you have done and check in your owners manual what’s going to need doing and when. Don’t just keep clocking up the miles with crossed fingers hoping it will go on forever. It won’t.

7. Avoid short journeys

Easier said than done, but here’s why it’s important. If your engine doesn’t have a chance to reach it’s operating temperature then it’s not going to work to it’s maximum efficiency and will have a lot more wear.

8. Have a clear out of boot

Carrying around excess weight not only uses more fuel, but puts the brakes, suspension and engine under more stress. If your driving around with your anvil collection in the boot then it’s probably time to have a clear out.

9. Keeping the battery charged

It’s bad enough when the battery in your phone goes flat, but having a flat battery in the car when you need to get the children to school is a thousand times worse. If the battery has no power then you are not going anywhere. In the summer it shouldn’t be too much of problem but in the cold weather make sure you take the car out at least once a week and be certain everything electrical such as lights or air conditioning are switched off.

10. Check online

Plenty of cars have known problems that happen in certain situations or after a certain mileage. A quick look online at the manufacturer’s website or a drivers forum can be a fantastic source of information and show you the best way to go about getting the problem resolved.

If you follow these tips and keep your car in good repair there’s no reason why you can’t make your car last until your ready to buy a new one.