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Five Apps to Save You Time on Your Driving Trips

Driving your own car is the best way to reach your destination fast, without any hassles.

Here are five mobile apps which would help you save time on your driving trips.

1. RAC Traffic and RAC Traffic+

Rac Mobile Traffic Apps

RAC Traffic and its plus version offer comprehensive traffic information, in an easy to decipher interactive map. The app offers real-time information on road works, traffic hold-ups, and other incidents that may disrupt driving plans. The app offers the degree of severity of each incident, making it easy to predict whether the incident will blow away soon. The RAC Traffic+ version offers some additional features, such as a route planner, route optimisation and a step-by-step itinerary.

RAC Traffic and Traffic+ are available in iOS and Android versions. RAC Traffic is a free app, RAC Traffic+ is a paid version.


2. JamCam


JamCam, as the name indicates tells you when to take a diversion, to prevent getting stuck in a traffic jam. The app basically offers live traffic camera feeds from more than a hundred of the busiest motorways and A-roads in the UK, and also from London street cameras. The images are provided by the Highways Agency and Transport for London, lending an air of authenticity.

JamCar is a free app, available in Android and iOS.


3. TomTom

TomTom offers a handy alternative to the bulky Sat Nav or GPS unit. This handy and intuitive app not only delivers on its core purpose of easy navigation, but also offers some handy features such as speed camera warnings, upcoming speed traps, and more. The clutter-free interface and easy to follow directions are other plus-points.

TomTom is available on both Android and iOS. It is free for the first 50 miles each month, unlimited use requires a subscription.

4. Waze


Waze is another navigation app and Sat Nav alternative, with turn-by-turn voice navigation and automatic rerouting capabilities. There is the option to send ETA to friends and contacts as well. But what makes the app different is it tapping into the power of crowed-sourcing to keep drivers aware of traffic jams, accidents, and traps set by the police. There are several other intuitive community-powered features on offer as well, such as the option to add and view information on local sights and businesses, and more.

Waze is a free app, available in Android.

5. Citymapper


Navigating the labyrinth of urban roads can be quite a hassle, even with enough signages in place. A navigation app can make driving that much easier, saving time and fuel. Google Maps is a good option, but Citymapper is even better.

Citymapper scores over Google Maps in offering a much more detailed journey planner information, especially real-time disruption alerts, and more. It also comes integrated with Uber, and show cycle routes, offering the option of seamless multi-modal last mile connectivity, should you require it. The overall fun theme leaves a feel-good factor as well.

Citymapper is a free app, available in Android and iOS versions.


The insights offered by mobile apps makes driving fun and ensures you reach your destination in the fastest and easiest possible way, without any hassles.