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Summer Car Servicing. A Must-Do

Summer is a time for long journeys, such as family holidays in the UK or abroad. As a result, summer is also a very important time to get your car serviced. The last thing that you want is for your car to break down half way through a five hour trip to the seaside.

Car servicing: what needs to be done?

The type of service that you get for your car will depend on whether or not your car has experienced any problems. If your vehicle is working just fine, all that you will need is a basic service. A basic service typically involves a visual check of the vehicle and a top up of brake fluid, washer fluid, steering fluid and antifreeze. In addition, the oil and the filters will be changed and the key components of the vehicle such as the brakes and the windscreen wipers will be inspected. If any problems are detected during a basic service, they will be rectified right away. What about if your vehicle has been experiencing problems, such as worn brakes or a stuttering engine? In cases like these, you will need something deeper than a basic service, and it is vital to let the garage know about any issues that you have noticed with your car so that they can get to work on them straight away.

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Other considerations for the summer months

There are a few other adjustments you might make to your car during the summer. For example, do you find yourself getting dazzled by the glare of the sun when you are driving in the middle of the day? Now could be the time to have an anti-glare coating applied to your windscreen. If you travel with pets or young children in the back of the car, you could also apply an opaque or translucent coating to the side windows beside the back passenger seats as these will help to keep the interiors cool. Detachable reflective covers can also be applied to these windows to stop your passengers overheating in the back. Providing your dog with plenty of water, winding the window down slightly and parking in the shade if you need to leave them in the car in the summer is a must – never leave a dog alone in a car for more than two hours. If travelling abroad, moreover, make sure that you are aware of driving laws and speed limits in the countries that you are visiting. In France, for instance, the law states that you must carry a breathalyser with you in your vehicle at all times. No matter where you go, it is a great idea to have a supply of water in your car in case it breaks down or is held up in traffic in hot weather.

Happy holidays

With your car serviced, and all precautions taken and adjustments made, you are ready for some fun in the sun!