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The 5 top reasons for car accidents

Many reasons can lead to accidents, but some causes come up more often.

If drivers were aware of the dangers certain behaviour represents, fewer accidents would occur.

Adverse weather condition

Driving in adverse weather is difficult. Driving experience and concentration can make a major difference. Let us pretend your cars starts aquaplaning. Do you know how to react?

  • Release gently your foot from the accelerator
  • DO NOT turn the steering wheel until the car has decelerated and you have regained directional control.

If you did not know it is probably because you lack experience. Then it may be a good idea to pay extra caution.

Bad Weather Driving

Distracted driving

Between the Sat Nav, the mobile phone and many other technologies, it is way easier to get distracted than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Try to ignore these unless essential. With regards to mobile phone, the law states that you must not use it while behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving

Driving while impaired

DWIs are very common and people seem not to fully understand the risks associated with it.

Driving after drinking is subject to different limitations across the UK and some countries even banned it completely, so, restrain from it.


Speed limits are present for a reason, the problem is not being caught by a speed camera or pulled over by the police. The issue is that you become a danger to the other drivers. If you want to test your engine go on a race track, in the UK there are no less than 22. You can check them on this link.

But when you are on the road, please follow the highway code.

Driving at night

Accidents at night are very common due to tiredness and lack of visibility. Be extra cautious!