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What to See in Devon on a Sunny Day

A van is a perfect way to enjoy a long trip with friends or family. Group holidays can be fun, but sometimes the choice of vehicle can ruin the adventure.

Imagine trying to fit six persons in a small people carrier, and you haven’t even put in the luggage yet. A van provides enough room to have every passenger sit and stretch comfortably while leaving enough to haul your suitcases and bags. Now, after finding the perfect van size, you may wonder about where to take the family for a good time. Devon is quite a fascinating place with spectacular attractions and a breathtaking countryside. On a nice sunny day, you can fill your time with any number of activities from surfing to hiking to scuba diving.

Discover the Devon Coast

The two coasts that line the county with the English Channel in the south and the Bristol Chanel in the north. These coastlines are filled with sandy beaches that offer just the right measure of excitement for families. The best thing is that with a van, you can bring along a lot of stuff to spice up your coastal exploration. For surfers, a van can carry that board and other gear without trouble. If the kids are coming along, you can include toys for playing in the sand. An ice cooler in the back of the vehicle will ensure that your friends have cold drinks after a round of beach volleyball. Besides enjoying water activities, the coves and bays along the Devon coasts are stunning visions that will help you to create lasting memories. For the daring and adrenaline junkies, cliff diving is another perfect activity to partake in on a beautiful day, seeing as the Exmoor coast in Devon has some of the highest cliffs in the south of Britain.


Take in the Landscapes

The Devon countryside is a picture-perfect contrast of lush farms and high moorlands. Dartmoor National Park is one place you can go for various outdoor hobbies such as hiking and cycling in the hills. When travelling in a van, you can carry your bicycles, hiking gear or other equipment on the topside of the vehicle. The Exe Estuary Trail, Grand Western Canal and Haldon Forest Ridge Ride Trail are a few of the cycling routes you can try out on a mild sunny afternoon. The woodland valleys, peering hills and clear streams present the ideal environments to relax. Devon has five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that will make any holiday unforgettable.

See the Places of Interest

Devon has its fair share of history, and some of the attractions are an epitome of its heritage. Most of these are perfect to visit in any weather. The Exeter Cathedral stands in splendour in all its 900-year glory that is characterised by beautiful architecture typical of medieval England. Okehampton Castle is another interesting ruin that deserves a visit where you can learn about the mystery surrounding the place. You can drive to the border of Devon and Cornwall to see the Tamar Estuary where you will find stone-arched bridges and take boat trips. The restaurants and seafood shacks in Devon are the best way to wind down a long day of driving around the magnificent county.