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How to cut car insurance costs with a black box

In the UK, currently, only 5 percent of drivers use telematics insurance policies in their cars. These drivers save up to £145 per year, and while the remaining 95 percent might also be careful drivers, they simply don’t have a black box fixed in their cars.


Discounts For The Best Drivers

Black boxes track your daily driving activity to determine what kind of driver you are. The system will monitor your speed, your driving frequency, and your location, and afterwards, your skills as a driver are ranked based on these factors. The most careful drivers can save up to 21 percent on their insurance. Young drivers could end up saving as much as £372, with 17 to 20 year old cutting their premiums by an average of £202 each year.


Savings of £1.7 Billion A Year

For £145 a year, some drivers might feel like black boxes are not worth the trouble. Telematics insurance policies, however, do so much more than offer some pocket change in exchange for monitoring your driving habits. The system provides security for your car, giving you an advantage if your vehicle gets stolen. Before dismissing black boxes, it is advisable that you read into their functions.


Don’t Miss Out

Maybe you just found out from Denbury news that petroleum prices are rising, or maybe you just realized that car insurance costs are also not going down anytime soon; the point is that you need to save a few pounds to fund your car maintenance. Fitting a black box into your vehicle is the best way to go. Drivers, collectively, are enjoying savings of £1.7 billion because of these devices. You can also be part of the five percent that gets to enjoy an extra £145 per year, and with a little more caution on the road, you could end up saving even more.