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Cars costing more than houses to run

In the UK right now, drivers are paying more on their cars than it costs to provide the average household with gas, electric, broadband, and phone bills combined. The estimated overall cost on average for running a car is £203 per month, whereas the estimated cost for the running of household utilities is £194 per month. This information came to light due to the reveal of a motoring map showing the differences shelled out by drivers on their cars depending on where they live in the UK. In the current climate, drivers in the more expensive areas of the UK, such as London, are paying a whopping £1000 more per year than drivers in the cheaper parts of the country, in area such as Wales and the midlands.

In London, the total estimated cost to run a vehicle is £3,133 per year, this includes car insurance, MOTs, and road tax. In Wales, this number is £2090, a massive difference for the exact same expenditures, and the real sting is that these costs do not even include the cost of fuel.

As the cost of driving steadily increases around the country, the fact of the matter is that cars themselves depreciate in value. According to surveys, a massive one million cars simply sit on driveways to be used only once a month, while a further two million cars are gathering rust and decreasing in value by sitting on driveways to be used just once a week.

On the motoring map, it shows that the most expensive places to run a vehicle are London and Scotland, with a cost of £261.10 in the UK’s capital and £232.62 in Scotland. Wales and the midlands have the cheapest expenses; in Wales, the figure per month is £174.20 while drivers in the midlands pay £183.62.