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Winter Driving Tips 2019

Winter Driving Tips 2019 Top tips for winter driving, plus the do’s and don’ts for handling snow and ice from Auto Express It gets cold in the winter and often wet, foggy and icy too. In the same way that you would adjust your clothing according to the prevailing conditions, motorists should think about tweaking … continued

What is WLTP?

What is WLTP? The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is a means of measuring the fuel consumption, pollutants and CO2 emissions from all passenger cars currently on sale. Its purpose is to inform potential purchasers of these figures based on more realistic real-world driving data compared to its predecessor, the New European Driving … continued

Pothole breakdowns

Pothole breakdowns double as effects of winter storms bite Analysis of breakdown data finds the number of pothole-related breakdowns doubled in the first quarter of 2018 Britain’s ravaged roads have caused the number of cars breaking down after a pothole impact to double over the last six months. Analysis of breakdown data found the proportion … continued

What is AdBlue?

Euro6 emissions regulations and SCR tech mean AdBlue usage is increasing rapidly – but what is AdBlue? You’ve probably seen containers of AdBlue stacked up for sale at filling stations, but unless you’ve owned a diesel powered car or van that’s fitted with SCR – or Selective Catalytic Reduction – you’ve probably not had to … continued

Hot Land Rover is due for launch with supercharged V8 engine Land Rover’s Range Rover Velar SVR will launch this year as a supercharged V8 brute to rival the BMW X6 M Land Rover is fast approaching the launch of an ultra-hot Range Rover Velar SVR model that it is producing to rival the BMW X6 M. Using SVR’s ubiquitous … continued

All-new Defender will be the most high-tech Land Rover yet, have exceptional off-road ability and be sold as a premium 4×4 The short wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90 has been spotted cold weather testing The car will be revealed later this year, and will go on sale in 2019 An all-aluminium architecture is something of … continued

On winter mornings, many drivers are disappointed to find their cars and 4x4s have heaters that are blowing out cold air. However, it isn’t always the heater that’s to blame. The heater’s warmth is derived from the coolant circulating around the engine to cool it down. In low temperatures, the coolant can freeze unless anti-freeze … continued

Is it still worth buying a used diesel car? It’s a question we get asked a lot at Denbury Diesels. Diesel cars have had a lot of bad press recently, with concerns about old diesel engines damaging the environment and their impact on air quality being heavily reported in the media. However, for people in … continued

Living in Britain, drivers need to prepare themselves for the inevitable wet and icy road conditions, where your typical braking time and distance will usually increase. When you are travelling at 50 mph in dry, warm weather, for instance, your braking distance will be roughly 15 metres. When travelling at the same speed on an icy, … continued